My not so professional website.

But I guess you saw that one already...

I just like to mess with stuff and sometimes, codepen isn't enough.

So I mess around here.

In case you ended up here digging through google.

Which I doubt

I'm Sherwin. I like messing with HTML, CSS, JS...

Pretty much anything front end. There's something new everyday, so it's never ending.

Here's the link to the "professional website".

Here I just mess with stuff... Experiment. See it live.

It's also a place for me to put the links to the notes I have.

Check the nav bar out... I threw my notes up for:

But back to me... What do I do?

During the Day

I build and maintain websites.

I get the Adobe mock-ups and the expected functionality.

Then I pop open Sublime and get to it.

I use meteor as the build platform.

During the Night

I build some more websites.

Sometimes for someone else.

Other times, to learn something.

Right now, I'm learning React.

Proof is in the pudding though right?

Well here's a link to my Github account on my other site.

But here it is again, go check the code out.